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Vanessa Parish

Pastry Chef


As a transplant from Raleigh, NC to Los Angeles, I have learned that there is always the comfort of home in one place: The Kitchen! From making brownies in my Easy Bake Oven to handcrafting french pastries at an upscale restaurant in downtown L.A., I'm ready to share my experiences. Comfort food is my safe haven and I believe it comes from so many different places. It comes from food you grew up eating at home, the restaurant where you can't wait to have brunch, and even the food truck outside your job. I love to share these moments of comfort with my friends and family. On my social media I like to focus on keeping that feeling in my food and making dishes that can easily be made at home to share! I chose A Pinch of Brown Sugar as my brand name because I am a woman of color and you could always use a pinch of brown sugar to brighten any dish!