Business of the Week-Little Damage


As I have mentioned before, I LOVE ICE CREAM. Like Oprah and bread status. I decided to go see what Little Damage was all about after the huge craze and social media attention that it has gotten this year. Everyone has been calling it the Goth ice cream since it has black ice cream and black ice cream cones! The cones are made from typical waffle batter, dark cocoa and activated charcoal.


The ice cream is made in small batches so that typically means the ingredients and the ice cream is super fresh! They have the daily flavors posted on the board and then a host of yummy toppings that you can have added!

The mango sticky rice is a vegan flavor! They always have at least one.

The mango sticky rice is a vegan flavor! They always have at least one.

I ordered a half Kiki N Cream (Their version of Cookies and Cream) and Lava Cake (Dark Cocoa Brownie). I got Oreos and sprinkles for a fun crunch! When I was eating the soft serve, I noticed that it was super shiny and was a different thickness consistency. Soft serve usually doesn’t have that slow churned ice cream taste but this one did! I immediately thought that maybe there was egg in it as a stabilizer which would make it a custard soft serve! I asked my friend Indo ( Who works there!) what was on the ingredients list and sure enough EGG! I gave myself a pat on the back for knowing my ice cream! Watch below how she applied my toppings on this HUGE cone!

All in all it was a great ice cream. It was creamy and thick and the toppings were fantastic. The flavors are more subtle and they give you a HUGE serving. One topping is already included so it turns out to be a great deal. That day they didn’t have the black ice cream which made me sad. Apparently the black ice cream is a mystery flavor! They rotate the flavors of the soft serve monthly to bi-monthly. Check it out! It wasn’t exactly worth all the hype but it is a nice change up from the usual!

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