Business of the Week-Diddy Riese

My friend Jasmine and I wanted to avoid 101 traffic the other day so we decided to meet up in Westwood for dinner and shopping! Had a quick dinner at Tender Greens and it was off to the shops! I dragged her through Target, Sur La Table and some other local places. As we were crossing the street, she pointed at the line that was curating not at the movie theatre but this tiny shop NEXT to the movie theatre.

Diddy Riese is a staple in this neighborhood that has been around for more than 3 decades. The cookies are .$25 a piece! (It gets cheaper the more you buy). They are also known for their cookie ice cream sandwiches. Of course I had to try this!


Luckily the line goes by pretty fast so we were able to grab some cookies quick!

Below, is a little clip of me actually trying the cookie and my thoughts of what it tasted like! All in all, not a bad cookie for a 24-hour shop. I am going to go back to try their Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches(which is what they are known for). I’m not a fan of the ice cream brand they use but apparently It works. It definitely tastes like a $.25 cookie but it satisfies a craving and college kids love it I’m sure.

Are there any new places I should check out in L.A? If you’re in another place, where should I go eat if I visit?

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Vanessa Parish